Snow Routes


(If you live on one of these streets, you are on a snow route)

City of Chillicothe Snow Plow Policy

The City of Chillicothe’s primary goal is to provide a safe means of travel as well as restore safe travel routes within a reasonable time frame following a winter storm. It is the City’s goal to clear all roadways of snow accumulations of greater than two inches of snow within seven hours after the event has ended.

The City of Chillicothe typically begins its plowing operations at 4:00 A.M. the morning after the storm. In the event of a snowfall occurring in the afternoon and lasting through the night, City crews will plow snow routes only until 11:00 P.M and restart at 4:00 A.M. until the storm has passed and all City streets have been cleared. Route 29 is a state route; therefore the City of Chillicothe will not perform any snow removal operations

The City of Chillicothe divides winter storms into levels. Level 1 is an ice or light snow. Level 2 is a snow accumulating 2 to 6 inches. Level 3 is a snow accumulating 6 to 12 inches. Level 4 is a snow accumulating more than 12 inches of snow.

Level 1 Snow:
A frost, ice or nuisance snow. If ice accumulation is forecasted the City will pre-treat intersections with a salt/cinder mix. If streets become ice covered, all streets will be treated with posted snow routes treated first. Typically takes 3 hours to complete street treatment.

Level 2 Snow:
Snow of 2 to 6 inches. Posted snow route parking ban. All city streets will be plowed with posted snow routes plowed first. All streets will be treated with a salt/cinder mix on the last pass. Typically takes 5-6 hours to complete plowing and treating of streets once the storm has ended.

Level 3 Snow:
Snow of 6 to 12 inches. Parking restriction for all marked snow routes. Other parking restrictions may be implemented. All city streets are plowed and treated with a salt/cinder mix. Snow routes will be maintained first. The city may clear and remove snow from sidewalks in the downtown business district. A command center to assist in communications and coordination may also be implemented at the Public Works Garage.

Level 4 Snow:
More than 12 inches of snow. Parking restriction for all marked snow routes. Other parking restrictions may be implemented. The city may clear and remove snow from sidewalks in the downtown business Alleys:
The City of Chillicothe will, when conditions allow, maintain mobility in alleys. Due to their narrow width, plowing alleys will deposit snow and cause windrows that may make it difficult to place trash cans and access properties. Every effort to avoid any major disruptions will be made.

Cul-de-sacs are more difficult to plow because of limited space to push snow with out burying driveways, mailboxes, and fire hydrants. No snow will be left in the center of the cul-de-sac. Snow will be pushed over curbs where space allows. If conditions allow, every effort will be made to haul snow that is piled up out of the cul-de-sac within 7 days after the storm has ended.

Driveways and sidewalks:
Residents should shovel snow into their yard, not the street. Putting snow into the street is against the law because it causes dangerous conditions for both motorists and pedestrians. City crews try to avoid putting large piles of snow in front of driveways; however, this is not always possible. To avoid having to “double shovel,” residents may want to wait until their street has been plowed before clearing their driveway.

Parking Lots:
All City parking lots will be plowed when conditions allow, and only after all streets and alleys are clear. Operations may be adjusted if the storm occurs on a weekend or holiday. Property owners are responsible for clearing commercial parking lots. Pushing and storing snow on City streets is against the law.