Clhillicothe has some unique places for you to visit while you are in our city.  Shops in the Historic Downtown
area, and the stores on Fourth Street offer a wide selection of merchandise for your shopping experience. 

Did you know......... that Johnston McCulley, a New York–based pulp writer created a fictional character
in 1919 by the name of Zoro.  Johnston McCulley attended school right here in Chillicothe.  The character
Zorro has been featured in numerous books, films, television series, and other media.   You can see some of
his work at the Historical Society located located on Fourth Street. The roll out of his larger exhibit will start on
June 8, 2013.  

Antique Image

 ....that Chillicothe has a number of large Antique Stores located throughout the city, an abundance of antiques to choose from.   If you are looking for that special collectible or that memory from the past, you will want to explore the antique shops in Chillicothe.  Pictured above is one of man bars located at Callahans Antiques





RV Rec Area

  .... Chillicothe has seven parks offered to the community. Shown above is the Chillicothe Recreation Area offering camping, swimming, fishing and scuba diving.