Flooding Information:

  • The following is a list of contacts where residents can find more information regarding Flood aftermath:
  • Illinois Department of Public Health, "After the Flood" www.idph.state.il.us/pdf/AfterTheFlod.pdf
  • Illinois Department of Public Health, a listing of flood-related information, www.idph.state.il.us/floodinfo/index.htm
  • Illinois Department of Insurance, homeowners' insurance information, www.illinoi.gov/HomeInsurance.asp
  • American Red Cross, disaster assistance, www.RedCross.org/find-help
  • Disaster assistance, access to help and resources, DisasterAssistance.gov
  • Environmental Protection Agency, flood information, www.epa.gov/naturalevents/flooding.html
  • Federal Emergency Management Agency, national flood insurance program, www.fema.gov/national-flood-insuranceprogram

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