Stormwater runoff is generated from many different land surfaces and is impacted by
the behaviors and activities of individuals, households, and the public.  These common
individual behaviors have the potential to generate stormwater pollution including:

  •   Littering
  •   disposing of trash and recyclables
  •   disposing of pet-waste
  •   applying lawn-chemicals
  •   washing cars
  •   changing motor-oil and
  •   disposing leftover paint and household chemicals

Some storm drains in the City of Chillicothe drain directly into the Illinois River and
others drain to drywells that infiltrate into the groundwater.

Please be aware of the locations of storm drains and exercise care not to pollute ditches
or storm drains.  We can all do our part to prevent groundwater and river pollution.

More information on green infrastructure strategies and how to implement them can be 
found at: