During rainfall events, water drains off of roadways and adjacent properties.  Water from residential sump pump
discharge lines is pumped to the ground surface and must also be collected.  This rain water is collected in roadway
storm drains, rear yard storm drains, and drainage ditches to be discharged into the Illinois River.  In some instances,
this water flows through a detention system (basin or pond) which controls the rate of the release (quantity) of this water
to prevent flooding.

Water Cleanliness
     The management of water quality is governed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) through the National 
Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit process.  Property owners are encouraged to participate in environmentally 
conscience storm water management, or green infrastructure strategies, such as the use of:

     •  Green Roofs              • Rain Barrels            • Rain gardens                           • Bioswales
     •  Permeable Piping      • Dry Wells                 • Permeable Pavements

     Contaminants must be properly disposed of and must never be dumped into a storm sewer drain or ditch as these
contaminants directly affect the water quality of the Illinois River.  Contaminants include:

     •  Pet Waste                                                       •  Soaps, solvents, or detergents
     •  Oils, Fuels, and similar materials                    •  Pollutants used in vehicle  
     •  Winter de-icing materials                                   and equipment  operation and maintenance
     •  Pollutants from lawn and garden care            •  Paint and related decor
     •  Concrete and wastewater from                       •  Toxic or hazardous substances
         washout of concrete                                           from a spill or other release                                                                              
    •  Drywall compound                                           •   Wastewater from washout out
    •   Curing compounds and other                              cleanout of stucco
    •  Any other pollutant that can                                                                         
        cause or tend to cause water pollution

     Please be sure to properly dispose of the above contaminants to reduce the risk of polluting our river.

More information on green infrastructure strategies and how to implement them can be found at: