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Electrical Aggregation information
Be on the lookout for an opt-out letter coming from Homefield Energy.  The City has received
an updated rate.  NO action on your part is necessary, IF you want to keep
the City's lower electrical rates if you are in the program.  

Where the Rails Cross the River



From the Desk of the Mayor

 February 16, 2018

 For those of you that have been following the legal battle between the City of Chillicothe, with the Peoria County   Zoning Board of Appeals, versus FLM, I have another update.

 There was a hearing held on February 14, and Chillicothe had a good turnout of concerned citizens. But, it was uneventful. The FLM attorney explained their position to the new Judge, and the attorney representing Chillicothe presented our case. But, the attorney representing our case from the Peoria County Zoning Board of Appeals wasn’t able to boot up her power point presentation. And so, the hearing was recessed until 2:45 on February 28. It helps when concerned residents of Chillicothe attend; it’s in Rom 203 of the County Courthouse.

 At our last Council Meeting, a representative from Advanced Medical Transport (AMT), our local ambulance service, presented the City with five Automated External Defibrillators (AED’s) for placement in all of our City facilities – City Hall, Police Station, and Fire Stations. They were donated to us, as is the maintenance and training – at no cost. Thank you, AMT!

 You might think that there is a new mexican restaurant that recently opened on Fourth Street – El Molcajete. Actually, they have been around for some time, and recently relocated from a small building on Cedar Street, just off of Fourth Street. They have taken a giant leap by moving from a small, seven-table space to a newly decorated restaurant with about twenty-two tables. Inside, the atmosphere is great and the food is wonderful, and priced well. Stop in and enjoy!

 Spring is just around the corner – I hope. The landscape drop-off facility near Moffitt Park opens March 21, and we will have a donation box installed on site if you care to show your appreciation. Also, with spring on its way, please consider “rounding up” on your water bill. You simply check the box on the bill and write your check for any amount exceeding the bill amount.  These extra dollars are used by the City’s Shademakers Committee to beautify our town.

 Just a reminder…. To vote in the upcoming mid-term elections, the deadline to register to vote is March 4.  It’s your right and privilege.

 That’s all for this time. See you around town!



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