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Electrical Aggregation information
Be on the lookout for an opt-out letter coming from Homefield Energy.  The City has received
an updated rate.  NO action on your part is necessary, IF you want to keep
the City's lower electrical rates if you are in the program.  

Where the Rails Cross the River


From the Desk of the Mayor


December 1, 2017


I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Now, we have entered the Christmas season!

One of my favorite local charities is the Community Needs Agency, CNA. Their work is especially important during this Holiday season. CNA’s Christmas Basket Drive provides the makings for a complete Christmas dinner for those in need in our local community. At the same time and in a combined effort, the Chillicothe Optimist Club’s Gift Giving Trees provide gifts to accompany Christmas baskets for kids. There are several ways to donate to this great effort. You can simply write a check, you can take a card off of the Gift Giving Trees you’ll see in local businesses, you can drop of non-perishable food items in barrels at local businesses, or you can drop money in the canisters you see around town or at the Bell Ringing Brigade at the entrance to the Kroger store. One of the great things about Chillicothe is that we are very giving community!

In same Christmas spirit, this year is the Police Department’s fifth annual Cops and Kids Christmas event. The police department reaches out to churches, schools and local organizations to find those kids in need. They’ve collected “letters to Santa” from people and are talking to Santa explaining why families need our help. On December 16, our officers will show up at the homes of the kids in need with Christmas presents helping Santa out.

A couple of updates regarding City issues….

The Council held a closed session with the Fire District Board Members last Wednesday in order to make progress in appointing a single permanent Fire Chief for both the City and the District, thereby continuing to have a unified fire department, as it has been for decades. The meeting was cooperative and productive, and I would anticipate the Council making the City’s appointment on December 11 and the District following suit at their meeting on the 18th. I’ll report and announce the outcome in my next article.

Are you still doing fall yard work and have landscaping debris to get rid of? If so, we’ve extended the use of the landscape drop off hours near Moffitt Park to December 9. Exact times of day the area will be open can be found on the City’s web site and the are posted at the entrance to the drop off area.

That’s all for this time. See you around town!







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