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November 16, 2017


We came out of our last City Council Meeting with a decision on the City’s Fire Chief. If you’re not aware, our previous Fire Chief resigned back in September and Deputy Chief Jim Benisch stepped up to serve as Interim Fire Chief for both the City and the rural Fire District and, by the way, he has been doing an exceptional job.

On November 6, we interviewed three candidates for a permanent Fire Chief during a closed session of the Fire District Board Meeting. After the closed session, the District Board President announced to the firemen that Van Thompson would be appointed as the District’s Fire Chief at the next District Board Meeting. With that announcement being made, the City Council went into closed session on November 13 to discuss the City’s appointment for the City Fire Chief. After a lively discussion, the City Council concluded that they could not concur with the District’s recommendation that the City appoint their choice for the District Fire Chief as the City Fire Chief, which means that the Interim Chief, Jim Benisch, will remain in that position until such time as we appoint a permanent Chief for the City. And so, we currently have two Chiefs overseeing two fire departments that act as one; a little awkward…. Stay tuned.

Some time ago, each Chillicothe household received a letter giving residents a chance to opt in or out of an Electricity Aggregate Program that would lower your electricity rate. Recently, I signed an Agreement that would lower that rate even further. Towards the end of this year, you will get another chance to opt in or out.  Keep an eye out for the letter.

Of all of the City services available to our residents, the one that I receive the most positive comments about is the yard and landscape refuge drop-off at Moffit Park. And so, we have ordered, and are about to install, a donation box at the drop-off area so that you can financially express your appreciation and help offset some of the costs of maintaining this service. Show your appreciation and be generous!

A new police officer has joined the Chillicothe Police Department. Her name is Kellie Kenser and she is replacing an officer who resigned a few months ago to join the department in his home town. Kellie was recently sworn in and will begin service later this month. Please welcome Officer Kellie Kenser. 

That’s all for this time. See you around town!






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