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mayorimageJuly 10, 2019

A new Council Committee was formed recently; the Judicial Committee. This committee, made up of three of our Aldermen, will address proposed changes to our City ordinance, and send recommendations on to the Council. We recently held our first meeting which was primarily a kick off or orientation discussion. And so, we presented issues that will soon need to be addressed. Most are straight forward but there are two controversial issues that will need to be addressed soon. As you are probably aware, the State of Illinois recently passed legislation allowing the sale of recreational marijuana and a sports betting law. Currently, there are a lot of unanswered questions, but the City will need to put ordinances in place regarding permitted use, zoning, licensing, etc.

Your input is encouraged. The Committee’s meetings are open to the public, and/or you can contact your Alderman, or give me a call. More to come….

We are moving toward the merger of the City Fire department to the Fire Protection District. The target date to complete the transition is August 1st. As Mayor, I am required to suggest two appointments of Chillicothe residents to the District Board. I have nominated Jon Duvall and Brian Cline, and the District has accepted those nominations. It is now up to the County Board Chair to confirm; shouldn’t be an issue. And so, let’s thank Jon and Brian for agreeing to serve!

The last Downton Thursday was a success; but the next one promises to be even more successful. It’s on July 25th and it’s the annual corn boil. Join us from 5-8pm with good food, all-you-can-eat-corn, entertainment, 50 plus vendors; family fun for all! There is even a mobile blood drive mobile available. To make an appointment call 800-747-5401 or online at www.bloodcenterimpact.org.

At the event, the City’s Shademakers Committee will also be giving out their annual “Catch the Beauty” awards for the best landscaped residential and commercial properties in town. They have received numerous nominations and are presently trying to determine the winners; difficult decisions….

In this and future articles, I will try to provide information about the upcoming 2020 Census. Did you know that it is actually a Constitutional requirement that a census be taken every ten years? It’s used to determine how many representatives each State is allowed to send to Congress. With the current exodus of people leaving the State of Illinois, it becomes important that we get everyone to respond to the census, or we will end up with a lesser representation. More to come….

The Census also provides a part time employment opportunity if you are so inclined. The job pays about $15 per hour, paid training, flexible hours, mileage, and weekly pay. You would need to go through a background check…. If you’re interested, you can apply on line at “2020census.gov/jobs”, or you can call 855-JOB-2020 to get more information. Sign up and be a part of Chillicothe history!

 That’s all for this time. See you around town!


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