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 May 16, 2018

 For those of you that have been following the legal action between the City and the company that wants to dig a gravel pit just west of town, I have another update. There was another hearing on May 7 with Judge Mack presiding. He heard verbal opinions from the lawyers from both sides, and asked the lawyers to provide him with written “orders” within three weeks. He stated that he will issue his opinion soon afterwards. Keep your fingers crossed….

There are several events coming up here in town that should bring in a lot of people from out of town!

There’s Claud-Elen days, the Brad Wallin tourney with a fund raiser at Wolf Hollow, the Illinois River Valley Sales Drive, a craft show at Shore Acres, and more!

Over Memorial Day weekend, Summer Camp is back at Three Sisters Park – over 20,000 music lovers will be here from out of town. This is a great event for Chillicothe. It’s gotten bigger and better over the years, brings a lot of people to town and is enjoyed by locals, and it has gained notoriety for our city across the country. 

On June 18, there will be a ceremony in City Park for the dedication of our Post Office in the name of Ryan Owens – the Navy Seal that attended IVC High School and that died in action, serving our country, in early 2017. There will be several dignitaries here plus a couple of hundred people from out of town. It’s looking like this will be an extraordinary event – very patriotic. Please try to attend to show our support; it will start at about 2:00.

 The first Downtown Thursday event is scheduled for June 28. The theme is “The Taste of Chillicothe” which will highlight various restaurants around town with booths on the street showing off their food. Also, the Council passed an ordinance for these events allowing you to take an open container of alcohol, from any establishment on Second Street, out on the street! 

Lots do to, and I’ve probably missed some. Get out and enjoy! 

One of the hottest topics that the Council is dealing with is a new License Agreement for ambulance service by AMT here in town and in the surrounding area. Their current contract expires June 30. There seems to be some emotional opposition by Rescue 33 supporters. But AMT is the only viable choice we have other than not having local ambulance service at all. At my age, I want a local ambulance service!

 That’s all for this time. See you around town!



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