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From the Desk of the Mayor

 October 12, 2017

 We are about to have a new Fourth Ward Alderman on the City Council!  As I reported in my last article, the previous Fourth Ward Alderman left the Council and I was tasked with the opportunity to interview new candidates for that position.  At our last Council Meeting, the Council unanimously concurred with my appointment of Dean Braun as the newest representative for the Fourth Ward, which is the northern-most Ward of Chillicothe.  Dean graduated from IVC high School in 1988 and is a Marine Corps veteran having served during Desert Storm.   He worked at Fennel’s here in town for a number of years and currently works to maintain and repair wind farm wind mills – he’s the guy that climbs up those things to make them work!  He’s also a Scout Leader.  Dean will be sworn in at our October 23 Council Meeting.  Welcome aboard, Dean!

 The City is moving forward on taking possession of what’s known as the Bacon Building; the abandoned building on the corner of Second and Walnut Streets.  Although the City doesn’t want to be in the “real estate” business, this property has become an eye sore and is in disrepair, and it will only get worse if we don’t step in.  Fortunately, we already have an investor that might take it over, make repairs, and then sell or lease it.  It will be a long process; more to come.

Another property of interest is the burnt out old mansion at the corner of Third and Elm Streets; 721 Third.  An architectural salvage company has now stripped away much of the things of value.  We are now drafting a Request for Proposals for the demolition of the building.  It’s sad to see it go; but, there is no better alternative.

 The Chillicothe Police Department was recently notified that we have been awarded a grant to outfit our officers with body cameras.  These should prove to be a valuable asset to both our officers and to our citizens.  They will protect both and provide record and evidence that will now be available in deciding cases.  And they’re free!

 Don’t forget Spider Hill during the weekends of October.  And, the annual Merchant Trick or Treat and Halloween family festivities right after at Pearce.  So, bring your kids downtown to get some candy.  And, please watch out for trick or treaters this Halloween night.  Have fun, and be safe.

 That’s all for this time. See you around town!





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