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Spring Voucher Program available March 23, 2021
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From the Desk of the Mayor

April 13, 2021

At our last Council meeting, we approved the last phase of our Chillicothe Business Grant program. Through this program, we will spend down all of the funds we were allocated by the DCEO garnt. Eleven small businesses will receive $6,000 and checks go out in a couple of days!

We also passed the 2021-2022 Annual Budget which includes our spending plan for the Business TIF District which expires in April of 2022. It’s imperative that these TIF dollars get spent in a prudent way before this important funding/incentive program is no longer available to us.  

Also at our last Council meeting, we announced our Community Shred Day Event. On Saturday, June 12th, there will be a AAA Confidential Security Corporation Truck located in the City’s public parking lot downtown off of Walnut Street from 9:00 until noon, or until the truck reaches its capacity. This is a chance for citizens and businesses to dispose of their sensitive documents properly, and for free. Take advantage!

Congressman Darin LaHood has sent out a call for submittals to respond to his “Member Designated Projects” – an “earmark” program that allows federal legislators to propose projects that would be included in the pending federal infrastructure bill. We have put together our proposal to replace the viaduct at the north end of town. The City has made multiple funding requests for this project over the last few decades with no real success. Our proposal will be submitted today…. Because this is an “earmark” process, this may be our best shot to get this project funded! 

The City is replacing all of the playground equipment at Cutright Park with brand new multi-use equipment. And so, we need to dispose of the existing equipment to make room for the new. We offered the existing equipment as a donation to not-for-profits that might be able to re-use the equipment. I’m happy to report that every piece of equipment will be finding a new home!

Accordingly, Cutright Park will be closed to the public from now until the new equipment is installed.

Just a few reminders as we are doing our spring cleaning…. The landscape drop-off by Moffitt Park is open for business. Open burning is allowed until May 31. And you can pick up your voucher at City Hall that will allow you to drop off a truckload of stuff (not yard waste, tires, or electronics) at Wigand Disposal for free until June 5. 

Well, election day has come and gone – shamefully, not a very good turnout of voters…. But even though the results aren’t finalized until any outstanding mail-in votes are counted on April 20th, it appears that Chillicothe will be having a new mayor – and a new alderman. I plan on working with your new mayor to assist in a smooth transition of leadership. The actual transition will occur at our May 10 Council meting when the mayor will be sworn in.

That’s all for this time. See you around town!



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