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Where the Rails Cross the River



July 28, 2020

At our last Council meeting, we formed a Bike Path Task Force and appointed members to it. The Task Force will report to the City’s Cemetery and Parks Committee. By doing so, the City can budget funds for the implementation of a City-wide multi-use trail, especially as funds relate to grants that require a match from the City. Once the Task Force was established, it accepted a $8,000 donation from the Chillicothe Foundation. These funds will be used to contract with a consultant, Midwest Engineering, to assist in planning the trail and to develop estimated costs to be used is pursuing grants. The Task Force wants your input and will soon be scheduling a Public Forum. Watch for an announcement!

It was announced at the Council meeting that we will be removing the gateway welcome signs at the south and north ends of town. The flag pole and service club sign at the south entrance will also be removed. The City received notification from IDOT that they were in nonconformance due to their size and the need for a “break away” feature, and must be removed. We will store these items for now to see if anyone is interested in having them. And, we are now in the process of designing new signs to take their place with IDOT approval.

At our previous Council meeting, we accepted the resignation of Ward 2 Alderman Danny Colwell. As Mayor, I am identifying individuals that I might be able to appoint in his place. Any suggestions?

The Police Chief has informed me that the second edition of police officer baseball cards is being implemented. The program encourages children to approach officers and ask them for the card with their picture on it, and to eventually collect the whole deck with every officer. This program is a form of “community policing” meant to connect our officers with the community. And, the winner gets a prize!

We are now in the Governor’s Phase 4 of his COVID Recovery Plan allowing indoor dining, with precautions, and more people in our retail stores, with precautions. Our State and our region seem to be better off than many other areas of the country; but I hear talk of sliding back into Phase 3. Let’s all protect each other so that we can move through Phase 4 and on to normal again!

With the Recovery Plan still in place, many events have had to be canceled or postponed. One event that can occur is the 2nd Saturday Market highlighting restaurants and businesses downtown and along Fourth Street. The next event is on August 8. So, get out and enjoy. Please support our local businesses!

The 2020 Census continues…. Starting in August, you may be having a census worker knocking at your door soon if you haven’t already responded. Please open the door and be counted!

That’s all for this time. See you around town!



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