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  March 14, 2019


In a previous message, I reported that Rachael Parker is leaving her position as Economic Development Director for the City at the end of April. And so, in order to fill her shoes, we interviewed several candidates and, at the last Council Meeting, we approved the appointment of Amanda Beadles as our new Director. Amanda will be leaving her position as Marketing Sales Manager at Pearce Community Center and will work part time during the month of April so that Rachael and she can work through a smooth transition; then full time May 1. Stop in and say hello! 

The City will soon be doing some Spring cleaning. The annual clean-up of the City Cemetery is scheduled for April 8th. Our cemetery is a special place serving as a final resting place for our loved ones. Those with loved ones often place flowers and items by the graves that, over time, become weathered or worn. And so, please be advised that City workers will be removing items such as weathered flowers, toys, trinkets, etc. You are encouraged to remove any particular items you may wish to keep before the April 8th clean-up. 

When you vote on April 2, there will be a referendum question on the ballot asking you to support or oppose the City of Chillicothe joining the surrounding Chillicothe Community Fire Protection District. To help voters understand the issue, we have held five public educational presentations over the last month. The presentation outlined the rapidly increasing costs for fire and emergency services, and a projection of costs to the City if it doesn’t join the District. These expenses will outpace the City’s ability to cover the costs unless we raise City property taxes. The City has an EAV of $90M as compared to a $200M EAV in the District. By joining the District, these costs will be spread out among more tax payers, a combined EAV of $290M, and will help to minimize the taxes paid by City property owners. 

I’m seeing yard signs going up around town promoting a “yes” vote for the referendum. To be clear, these signs are not being posted by the City; they are being posted by the 42 volunteer firefighters of the City and the District – all of which support the unification. Please vote on April 2!

 Golf Cart registration starts April 1 at the police station. If you have a trailer or a tag along for your cart, you’ll save some money if you have it registered at the same time you register your golf cart. 

Another reminder; the 2019 historic train ride between Chillicothe and Henry, and back, is scheduled for May 18. There will also be vendors in City Park and, hopefully, some live music on the stage. Tickets are on sale and available at City Hall, Pearce Community Center, and at the Chamber of Commerce Office. Make a day of it!

 That’s all for this time. See you around town!



  Happy Retirement James Thornton!

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