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Where the Rails Cross the River



November 27, 2019

On occasion, the Illinois EPA conducts an evaluation of our City’s water supply to determine if it meets their requirements. One of their suggestions is that the City conduct a “cross-connection control” survey at least once every three years. You can find the survey on the City of Chillicothe web site – go to the “Departments” tab and scroll down to “Public Works” and you’ll see the survey pop up on the side. It’s a very easy survey to respond to asking things like how many sinks you have in your home, etc. I have no clue what the survey is used for; but it’s the EPA…. And, you would be helping the City out by responding. Thanks!

Walnut Street serves as the “gateway” from Fourth Street to our Downtown. I mentioned in my last articles that installation has started in the median in front of Geiger’s. The welcome sign is up and pavers have been installed along the perimeter. Unfortunately, the weather hasn’t been cooperating. So, the plantings will be delayed until next Spring….

Don’t forget about the Chillicothe Police Department’s program called the “Cops and Kids Christmas” which is designed to help those families in our community who are in need. Anyone can write a letter and place it in the mailbox in front of the police department, email or call to let them know about a family who could use some extra help to supply presents to children. During December the officers go shopping then go out to distribute the gifts to the families.

One of my favorite local charities is the Community Needs Agency, CNA. Their work is especially important during this Holiday season. CAN’s Christmas Basket Drive provides the makings for a complete Christmas dinner for those in need in our local community. Please give!

“Shop Local”! We all know we have good reason to shop other places, especially in Peoria. But when you can, especially with Christmas shopping this season, let’s all try to patronize our local shops and establishments. When you shop local, the money stays local. You support local jobs and local business owners. From a City perspective, you provide sales tax revenue that helps us to provide services, fund projects, provide business incentives, etc. Everybody wins!

Things at City Hall tend to slow down this time of year due to the Holidays…. I hope your Thanksgiving was great. Now on to Christmas! Enjoy the season!

That’s all for this time. See you around town!


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