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Electrical Aggregation information
Be on the lookout for an opt-out letter coming from Homefield Energy.  The City has received
an updated rate.  NO action on your part is necessary, IF you want to keep
the City's lower electrical rates if you are in the program.  

Where the Rails Cross the River



 January 12, 2018

 I took a few weeks off from these articles due to the holidays, but we’re back. I hope you all had a wonderful and blessed holiday season.  So, what’s going on? 

Well, at the first Council Meeting of the new year, the Council was able to appoint a permanent Fire Chief for the City; Jim Benisch is now the City’s Chief. He and Van Thompson, the District Chief, will now collaborate to continue to unify the Fire Department so that we have the same quality fire service we have enjoyed for decades. 

The Council also approved a Redevelopment Agreement providing an incentive to a developer who has now purchased the old Alco building on Plaza Drive. That developer will be bringing a new Dollar Tree store that will occupy the southern half of the building. The northern half of the building doesn’t have a tenant yet; any ideas? Some people have asked if a new Dollar Tree and the existing Dollar General store can both survive so close together. I say yes; the two serve different markets and have different product offerings. Everything in a Dollar Tree costs only one dollar!  Among other customers, it should be a school teacher’s paradise! 

Sad, but true. The historic building at the corner of Third and Elm is about to be demolished. The fire made it impossible to do anything but to take it down. The next step is to decide what we can do with the soon-to-be vacant lot. Any suggestions? 

In a similar situation, the City is now in possession of the old Bacon Building, on the corner of Walnut and Second Streets; it has been deemed an “unsafe building”. We are now looking at ways to make it habitable and want to encourage someone to take it over as a development opportunity. Anyone interested? 

Want to have a good breakfast and a good time? Consider going to Shore Acres Park at 7:30 or so on Saturday, February 10th, for breakfast and a chance to bird watch at the annual Bald Eagle Days event; sponsored by the Rotary and Lions Clubs. This event has been an annual event for quite a few years, and it’s a growing event that brings people in from around the area. It’s weird though…. I grew up here and never saw an eagle around here when I was a kid.  

That’s all for this time. See you around town!



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